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[01 Jan 2010|12:00pm]
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My journal is friends-only. That means that you have to be on my friends list to see any of my entires. My journal was deleted for awhile, but I brought it back just because people were complaining and stuff. If you'd like to be added, you can comment in here, but that's about it, well, you could email me too if you really feel led to. Alright. Dont forget to sign in so you can read my entries. :)


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[09 Jan 2005|06:46pm]

yeah. thats the new journal.
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[25 Nov 2003|03:41am]
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[31 Oct 2003|10:11am]
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Okay, so I figured I should update this thing since I haven't in like a year. Haha. I deleted it like back in eh, January because my now ex, found it. She was like all flipping out and shit over my damn user pic. I was like haha, it's my fuckin stomach, get over it. Stupid church people. Overreact about the dumbest shit in the world. But, since then, I've been a very busy person.

I finally graduated! WOO! And last summer, I moved into my dad's house in Columbus and pretty much worked my ass off the whole summer. I worked full-time. Pretty much from 7:30-4, everyday. It sucked so much, but it was fun, and I made money, which is now all gone. >:O! (I worked at the Ohio State Fair, incase you were wondering!) It was an awesome job though. I got to sit in an office (with A/C) all day, while all the other laborers were working their ass off in the 100* weather! I felt so bad for them, but I was in the A/C, and that is all that matters!! Hehe!! My boss was the most awesome lady in the world. She let us take breaks whenever the hell we wanted to. We would just up and leave and not come back for awhile. Haha. It was probably the most ideal job you would ever have wanted.

Two days after that job was over, I moved off to college. A lot of time to spend with my family, right?? Wrong! I didn't like that. I got two days off work, then I had to move up here to college! BLAH! I go to Bowling Green State University. It's up by Toledo/Sandusky (Cedar Point), I'm sure you all know where that is. :) I moved in three days earlier than everyone else because I was in some Freshmen program. It really sucked though because no one was here and there was absolutely nothing to do. My roommate finally showed up 5 days later... It was really nice having my own room for that time. My fun is ruined all the time though. Oh well!!

College has been a really big shock. I think it is so much harder than high school. It's totally different for me at least. My high school was so damn easy! Then I come here and it's like WOAH!! I'm trying to do my best though, so I guess that is all that matters. :) I don't even sleep in my own room for God's sake! Haha. I haven't for over a month and 1/2. Yeah, I'm a big slut, yeah? NO! Haha. I sleep in some girl's bed that doesn't sleep in her bed, either. She sleeps with some guy down on another floor every night. So that just works out swell. It's fun though. :) Maybe someday I'll start sleeping in my bed again... who knows?! My mommy doesn't know though, so shhH!!

But... that's enough ranting for now...


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[28 Oct 2003|05:12pm]
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work bitch work

EDIT: It looks like it's working now. Woohoo. I don't know if I'm going to be updating in this journal again.. we'll just have to see. Now off to write a paper and start reading a book! Later!

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[09 Mar 2002|12:39am]

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